Year-End Awards

There will be requirements for the year 2019:  MORE TO COME!!!

I am also changing the year-end award divisions:

  1. Open Awards (5D format - no change)

  2. Youth Awards (5D format - no change)

  3. Senior Awards (3D Format - Fastest time, 1 second, 2 seconds)

World points will always be done in a 5D format, this will never change.

Tie Breaker Criteria

If there are multiple ties within the divisions. The following criteria will be used to break ties. If the 1st criteria did NOT break the tie, then we move on to the 2nd criteria, then the 3rd, then the 4th. If there is a tie after all 4 criteria, then the money for the two places are added together and then split evenly between them. 

  1. Received the most 5 point awards (in the class and division).

  2. Point at the most shows (in the class and division).

  3. Received the most 4 points awards (in the class and division). Then the most 3, 2, and finally 1 point awards.

  4. Attended & rode in the most shows (may not have pointed but attended), determined by class. If a rider attended and didn't partake in the class of the tie, it does NOT count towards an attended show.

  5. Most sponsorship money turned in

**I am only going to post totals for yearend awards every 3 months.  As these points are subject to change and this will prevent me from having to redo them so much.  If you have any questions about these points you can contact me at any time.  

2018 Season World Qualifiers

*NBHA has decided to once again qualify 10 riders per division!*​

Each district may qualify for the world show a number of riders based on the membership in that district, as set forth below. The number below indicates the number of riders in each division of each class (Open, Youth, Teen & Senior) who qualify.
<100 Members - Five (5) Riders per Division
100-149 Members - Six (6) Riders per Division
150-199 Members - Seven (7) Riders per Division
200+ Members - Eight (8) Riders per Division

Tied riders take up as many places as their riders. For example, if two riders tie for first, the next rider is third, not second. If there are ties including fifth place (or whatever the last place is to qualify for the larger districts) all riders tied for that place are qualified.

Youth is broken up into two different age brackets, Youth (12 & Under) and Teen (13 & Up). Age is determined by age as of January 1st, 2018. 

If you have any questions in regards to the world qualifiers please contact Tasha Ijames IN05 director.

2019 State Show: 

There is a rule that there is a 3 show requirement in order to participate in NBHA State Show events. Indiana will continue to enforce rule. This means that you must have actively participated in a IN05 show, from one of the three NBHA classes (Open, Youth, or Senior), at 3 separate events. If you have actively ran in our shows without being a member, you can join and still get credit for the shows from this past season. However, this does NOT mean that you will be able to receive points from prior to your membership enrollment. 

NBHA Points Explanation

 World Points will be awarded in a 5 Division format. 
       1D Time - 15.000 (Fastest (Member) Time
       2D Time - 15.500 (Add .500 to Fastest (Member) Time)
       3D Time - 16.000 (Add 1.000 to Fastest (Member) Time
       4D Time - 16.500 (Add 1.500 to Fastest (Member) Time)
       5D Time - 17.000 (Add 2.000 to Fastest (Member) Time)

​The top 5 riders in each division will receive points. 5 points to the 1st place rider, 4 points to the 2nd place rider, 3 points to the 3rd place rider, 2 points to the 4th place rider, and 1 point to the 5th place rider, per division. 

​In the event of a tie where riders run the same time, points are added together and divided by the number of racers.
​       I.E. - There is a tie for 2nd place points. 4 points (2nd place) and 3 points (3rd place) will be added together for 7 points.
       The riders will receive 3.5 points a piece, and that will be the 2nd and 3rd place points place.

This is just the format of how points are awarded NOT how show monies are paid out. Remember just because you place for money does not mean you always get points. Nor does it mean you get points to get money. NBHA made changes to the divisional format so that more riders could qualify for the NBHA WORLD SHOWS. If you have any questions you can contact your director, Tasha Ijames or visit the NBHA website.